Corridor Bridge

How would you map an enclosed corridor that is also a bridge between buildings?

In the past, I’ve just mapped them as a private footbridge, although with a level level as well as a layer. I’ve put the rest in a description.

Note that enclosed corridor bridges can exist at road level as well, not just as private connections between buildings.

I’ve not used it, but would appear to be what you need (see
diagram at the bottom of the page). How it renders is another matter. :slight_smile:

Another possibility for a simple geometry would be but
that only really works for what you’re describing with two-story buildings.

This is what I did: I drew an area and detailed it as follows:


I would probably map it as a building part with min_level as Brian suggested.

Unless you’re doing indoor mapping for the corridors in the adjacent buildings, I see no reason to do it for the corridor running through the bridge.