Correction of EuroVelo cycle routes

While cycling last month in Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia I have found some major differences between the routing of EV7 (also Ev9) when comparing their representation on OSM and on the EuroVelo website.
I have started to correct these but I am unsure if I have set the relationships correctly. An example is the residential road running along the riverside here The new members that I have added appear in the listing for the appropriate cycle route but the details appear differently: see - the members that I have added have detail in the ‘Refers to’ column; the existing ones say ‘incomplete’. Also I am unaware if these members should be ordered in the geographically correct sequence - if so, how? Could someone please comment ? I don’t want to continue with more changes until I am sure that I am doing it correctly. Thanks.

According to a post a few days ago on the “talk” mailing list , “EV7 is completely wrong in OSM from the south of Prague to Nahoruby, including unrideable tracks and a suggestion that cyclists use a “ferry” that in reality is a tourist boat that only operates at weekends”

I’m not familiar with the route here at all and I’m sure that the corrections that you’ve done are correct, but there still appears to be more to do. Looking at , there are still a few gaps, and further south the “ferry” is still part of the route.

Thank you for that. Yes, there is a lot more to do and I will progress with this task. I just wanted to be sure that I was taking the correct approach.
I have already been in correspondence with Richard Fairhurst, the author of the mailing list discussion you refer to. It is probably me who alerted him to the inaccuracies south of Prague.

It was! :slight_smile: