Correction of an address from an import


during a cycle-tour I crossed the danish border near this “point”:

There are two old buildings, that were formerly used by the danish border patrol.

One off the buildings has written the housenumber 55 on its walls (the one a little bit more north than the other).

Compared with Esri World Imagery (Clarity) Beta the imported address is at the wrong place/building.

Because I do not know the “danish rules” for edits, I would like to know, if it is allowed to “touch” these imported addresses and move them (in my case only this one) to the right position?



If you just move an imported address, the import/update address bot (AutoAWS) will move it back (because it can’t tell the difference between a genuine correction and a mistake). Also if you think you have found an error with an imported address, the best solution is always to correct it at the source aka the danish authorities (here Aabenraa Kommune).
Do also note that the national danish SDFE aerial imagery (available in both iD and JOSM and Vespucci etc) is refreshed every year as well as much better quality than Esri, DG, Bing etc.