Correct way to tag an airport jetway/et bridge?

What is the correct/preferred way to tag an airport terminal jetway/jet bridge?

Specifically, I’m looking at Chicago O’Hare airport (Query Features | OpenStreetMap). The terminals all have jetways added but are marked only as building=yes and as a way with indoor=corridor.

There is a definition for aeroway=jet_bridge (aeroway=jet_bridge - OpenStreetMap Wiki), which seems to also want the indoor corridor to be defined in the editor. However, jet_bridge is not listed in the main aeroway page. My assumption would be that the building=yes should not be there.

I had added the aeroway=jet_bridge to the existing way and removed the building=yes, but someone reverted the changes.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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I’m not sure if there is a existing precedent. I think it makes more sense to put the gate reference inside the terminal, not on the end of the jetbridge. There can be multiple gate ref numbers at the same jetbridge. Then draw the physical jetbridge as a footway - See here - Way: 437909060 | OpenStreetMap

Rather than highway=corridor, would they possibly be better as highway=footway + covered=yes, which should then render?

highway=corridor is archiac. The better (and rendered) replacement is =footway + indoor=yes. Jetbridges are entirely enclosed, not merely covered=yes. It is more arguable whether bridge=covered (+ bridge:movable=?) can be used.
In case it is not a typo, indoor=corridor should be used for the area representing the space, not line of travel.


Way History: 680793505 | OpenStreetMap is an example of an edit

when you start discussing edits made by someone else it is a good form to let them know (except cases of clear vandalism), I linked it in Changeset: 128504991 | OpenStreetMap

highway=corridor is fine - but I think it is for lines, not for areas

Jet_bridge never seemed to be developed or defined for common use. But id think it would be best to use it as a way centered within the corridor area like footways with areas also have a way for routing proposes. This is what I would propose as a solution. Way: ‪G14‬ (‪1111590323‬) | OpenStreetMap

highway=corridor is an indoor mapping feature which can be viewed here OpenLevelUp!

The gate numbers displayed at the ends of the jet bridge I found is better for gates with multiple numbers. A good example at Ohare would be gate M21-M23. It also helps separate the gate numbers better for rendering.

Yes and there is the approved tag aeroway=gate, which I linked to the wiki page. So you can map all of the features (jetbridge and aircraft parking position) associated with a particular gate, including the entry door which is much more static than the physical jetbridge itself.

What about the building=yes aspect? Is there a more specific tag that could be used? E.g. building=bridge or some other user-defined value?

I went ahead and created a wiki page for aeroway=jet_bridge and added a link to the previous proposal. In the time since the proposal there has been an increased use of the tag, although not the same value.

I’m not sure if using a building tag is the best approach. There is a trend to avoid using the building tag for everything. For example, man_made=bridge is preferred over building=bridge.

On OSM there is no one way of mapping features. So using building=yes is the used technique of mapping at this airport, But mapping the jet bridge as a way would also be correct. Just have to be sure to maintain the used tags when replacing a feature and not remove information others have added.