Correct Tagging Of Public Piano

Dear all,
in our hometown is a public piano which is placed on the marketplace, within a hut which can be closed over night.
Usually the amenity=piano is found within hotels, bars or other public locations.
What tags do you suggest to use?
(Changeset: 139441306 | OpenStreetMap)
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You linked a changeset which added cuisine=turkish to a cafe. I guess the correct element is this: Node: 11086342255 | OpenStreetMap

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You could draw the hut as a building=hut, and put the piano node inside it. That would make it very clear. Aside from that, if you don’t think the hut is worth drawing, you could use covered=yes on the piano.

I agree with your idea but I would suggest to use the tag building=shelter instead of “hut” which is something entirely different according to the definition in the wiki.

Vielen Dank für die konstruktiven Vorschläge.
Amenity=shelter bedeutet doch eigentlich, daß dieses “Gebäude” ständig zu einer Seite offen ist, während building=hut möglicherweise auch verschließbar ist. Ich würde wahrhrscheinlich eher zur Hütte tendieren.
Liebe Grüße

Dear Ivanbranco, I fear you are right. Thanks for your sharp eyes
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building=hut or better building=shed?

building=shelter has no wiki page, but amenity=shelter has. I think the focus of amenity=shelter is humans looking for protection from the weather, but one could also imagine a piano sheltering from the rain…
By the way, the wiki does not say that a shelter should be open at one side. There’s even shelter_type=basic_hut but that requires people can sleep there.

If I loved my piano enough, I might sleep with it.

Dear Ivanbranco,
I corrected the link to the changeset in the communication.
Thanks again for your hint