Correct tagging for named areas

Here in Switzerland the areas of the mountains are often given names, they are marked on the official maps. The vegetation within an area can be mixed, forest, meadow or rock.
What is the correct way to tag such an area?

For unpopulated places you can use
if you don’t find another appropriate tag

Maybe you ask again in the Switzerland, Austria or Germany sub forums.

Many of these names will belong to specific features, but very detailed local knowledge is required to accurately delineate their extent. Looking at places I know I would suspect many are various kinds of alpine pasturages, although there’s certainly a reasonable number of pure topographic features. SAC guides usually have a decent coverage of toponymic terms in each area, but a decent awareness of linguistic variation (e.g. God & Ual as Romansh terms for woods; Crap and Saas as names for rocky peaks in SurSelva and the Valais etc.). In many places in the Stanzer & Paznauntaler in Tirol a lot of these names are of Romansh/Ladin origin, even though German has been the lingua franca for perhaps a thousand years.

The use of a single point with a locality name is therefore often the only policy which can be used in the first instance. Some clarification can be made in describing the type of locality.

Note that names from official maps (and their offshoots, eg SAC guidebooks) are copyright and not admissible for OSM.