Correct name for "Ottawa"

I posted a question about what to do when I come across the name “City of Ottawa” when mapping locations in that area. I was directed here.
When adding things to the map I have been using “Ottawa” as the city, and am wondering about correcting some/all instances of “City of Ottawa”.
Please take a peek at the question and I would love to get some feedback.


I agree with the feedback on the linked page. The place is “Ottawa”. The only time “City of Ottawa” should be referenced is when referring specifically to the government. The place is Ottawa. Even Quebec City would more properly be identified as Québec.

Hope that helps.

Should I try to clean up references to “City of Ottawa”? How would I do that? Thoughts?

If the city has a complete boundary relation, you don’t need to add the city name to an address at all.

According to the wiki, addresses should be tagged based on the mailing address the post office uses. Which in every case I’ve seen is simply “Ottawa”

The only tags I’ve seen that use “City of Ottawa” are all the address interpolations.

I’m not getting Ottawa at all when using Algolia Places, but instead City: Ontario. Is this a problem with Algolia or the data found on OSM?

The data in OSM is correct as far as I know.