Correct name for a building

Hi all

Is there any policy on naming buildings if they have a sole occupant?

Eg, Greenwoods Solicitors in Peterborough are (as far as I can tell) the only occupants of Monkstone House. Do I tag this object name=Greenwoods Solicitors (with lawyer=yes or whatever the tag is), or do I tag it name=Monkstone House?

Both names appear on the front of the building; Greenwoods name & logo more prominently; but it’s not (properly speaking) the name of the building. Possibly the answer is ‘depends case to case, use your judgment’ - but I’m not long enough here to trust mine yet…



You have answered your own question… The name of the building in Monkstone House, so that is what should go in the name tag of the building.

The current occupants of the building, Greenwoods Solicitors, should have their own identity in OSM in the form of a node within the building outline with amenity=lawyers and name=Greenwoods Solicitors.

I’m sure lawyers and solicitors would be able to argue for hours about the difference between the two, but that’s a whole new can of worms…


Thanks, that’s done now!