Correct mapping for a walking path in a stream

Here is a walking trail in a stream. Yes, you’d get your feet wet…

What is the preferred way to map this: a single way tagged as both a stream and a footway, or two ways that share their nodes - one for the stream and one for the footway?

Interesting mix
there is one similar at

I saw a similarly combined stream plus minor road in Turkey; well, there was hardly any water in the stream, and it would likely fall dry during summer… I used one line for both the waterway and the stream, and added both tags; JOSM produced a warning (not an error).

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I was thinking it would make sense to have a one way to represent the two entities as long as it is clear which tag is related to each entity.

If, for example, there are different names for the stream and the trail, it would make sense to separate them.

Your thoughts?