Correct invalid wiki tag status

I would like to get a list of all wiki pages for Keys and for Values, indicating the URL and the status from KeyDescription and ValueDescription.
In fact, I would like to standardize the status spelling. Some cases are:

  • in use, In use In Use.
  • de facto, defacto, De facto.

However, I do not know how to generate a list like this one.

Do you need any other info from infobox?

Or from associated data item (here some data such as “required tags” may be not available beyond “there is some value there” as obtaining them from Wikibase API is horrifically awful)

Also, are you fine with CSV file uploaded somewhere (Google Docs? Codeberg?)

Or would you prefer page at OSM Wiki?

I would like something where I can click and open the wiki page to correct the spelling of the status. Any place is ok as long as it has the information.

For the moment, I only need the status from the infobox ValueDescription.

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Which one of “status=import” and “status=imported” is preferred? It is the same thing, right?

User:Mateusz Konieczny/statuses - OpenStreetMap Wiki is a partial listing, feel free to remove processed ones and/or request regeneration after editing some

I have a feeling that it would be nicer to do with a bot edit, but I am not really sure whether anyone with ability to run one has time to write it and get it approved.

Also, one would need to check anyway on some pages is it really something that can be done as blind replacement edit in infoboxes. If that is pure drudgery where human is not really needed: ask for such automated edit on Talk:Wiki - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value - OpenStreetMap Wiki is less aggressive but works fully automatically (and once inuse and defacto gets rare: such values can also become listed there)

This is GREAT. I have already processed half of the list from your wiki page. But with the new maintenance page in the wiki that you created, it is easier to identify the invalid status.

Just for my understanding, how did you generate the list? and how did you create that page?

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Can you regenerate the page from your user namespace? I almost finished, and I would like to validate the status are now correct.

In this way, I think you can include inuse as well as defacto as incorrect, and remote them as alias from Template:StatusLang.

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Talk:Wiki - OpenStreetMap Wiki is likely of interest (the first step to further reduce distinct value count)

Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value - OpenStreetMap Wiki one? puts pages there where no match is found via default clause in a switch:

|#default={{TranslateThis|unsupported “{{{1<noinclude>|</noinclude>}}}” status|{{{2|}}}|edit=Template:StatusLang}}<includeonly>[[Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value]]</includeonly><!--only used for tracking errors, don't translate-->

And from what I see in Revision history of "Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value" - OpenStreetMap Wiki - it seems to be existing for some time but I found it only really recently

See View source for Template:StatusLang - OpenStreetMap Wiki for template code

Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value - OpenStreetMap Wiki should be now reporting any remaining defacto and inuse but it may take time before update to template is fully processed

I am rerunning my wiki scan but it also takes some time

I corrected all of them. However, there are still some entries in Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value - OpenStreetMap Wiki that I do not know why they appear, and therefore I do not know how to correct them.

Some were using StatusLang directly and I fixed them, see say Difference between revisions of "DE:Types of relation" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I opened Template talk:MultipleTagging - OpenStreetMap Wiki as I am confused what is going on there

BTW, it looks like it would be nice to update various language versions of Template:Pl:KeyDescription/doc - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I also contacted @ZeLonewolf by Slack, in order to give us some idea in this issue with the MulitpleTagging tags.

I found the error in the template. It was part of the status assignment.

From this:

unspecified | undefined = unspecified
| inuse | in use = inuse
| defacto | de facto = defacto

To this:

undefined | unspecified = undefined
| in use | inuse = in use
| de facto | defacto = de facto

Finally, we don’t see any invalid status. Thank you Matheusz for your help.

As I noted in our chat on Slack, wiki code is super complicated, and I’m not 100% sure about how it all works. However, the multiple tag template definitely worked fine when I first created it. Sounds like it’s since resolved in any case!

Yes, that was fixed in Difference between revisions of "Template:MultipleTaggingDescription" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Category:Feature descriptions with incorrect status value - OpenStreetMap Wiki now complains also about status=import with status=imported expected to be used

@Mateusz_Konieczny I modified the code before, but in the 5 sections. I see you did one extra modification just in the first section, and I am not sure if this should be done in the other 4 parts: Difference between revisions of "Template:MultipleTaggingDescription" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Regarding the invalid “import” status, I have already corrected them.

I did it now also in other, it seems to be triggered where you compare multiple taggings.

Talk:Wiki - OpenStreetMap Wiki - now I proposed getting rid of status=draft

It seems to be never valid and just encourage posting proposal drafts in a main space.

is it a problem when drafts are created in a “main” space? Maybe this also has advantages (people can collaboratively draft)?

the problem is that such drafts often end abandoned and stay for years

people can collaboratively draft on any wiki page, also in proposal namespace

if you think that it should not be deprecated: best to comment in Talk:Wiki - OpenStreetMap Wiki