Correct and justify my home street name but no effect in osm map

I edited, corrected and justified my own home street name, but when I view the osm, it has no change whatsoever.
How come this happened. I need guide to be able to do correctly and usefully. Please help…Thanks in advance…

The map on (standard layer) is normally updated within minutes. But sometimes you have to clear the cache of your browser. All other maps take longer.

Please include a link (copy the URL at the top) and the corrected name of the street so we can see whether things are correct.

“justify” has been lost in translation; I can’t work out what you mean by it.

However, looking at you seem to have changed the name in one edit and then changed it back in a later one. At the time of writing the name is the same as it was a year ago, Jalan Pondok Pinang VI, but at 10:24 UTC, you changed it to Jalan H. Naimun, changing it b back at 13:44 UTC.

The changeset comment on the first of these changes is: “I justified the truly truth”, which doesn’t really explain what you did, even allowing for the language problem. The one on the final one is: “I add important mosque points”, which says nothing about the change you made to the name of the road. In fact, you have only changed roads in that final edit; there are no place of worship objects.

Although it makes life more difficult for us, could I suggest that you write the changeset comments in your own language, as it people in Jakarta who are most likely to want to check your edits.

You may find it more helpful to ask on the Indonesia forum: