coords of map position?

Hello forum,

I’ve come across the Openstreetmaps project ~5 years ago and quite like it. One of the most useful features was the coordinates output when hovering over the map; so i could feed them into my ancient garmin GPS12 (no real connection to PC to speak of, no color or graphics capability, but still a lifesaver).
But, apparently, this functionality was taken away.

Now my question: What would be the most simple way to get that coordinates output back? Juggling the map window and hoping to hit the right spot in the center isn’t a real alternative. =S

Thank you!

Zoom in on the wanted point. Click Permanent link. See lat and lon.

Even in maximum zoom mode, this seems to be only working for urban, separated features. In a densely populated city, the resulting error would be too much. There’s no way to have that great mouse-over coords functionality back?

What kind of precision does your GPS12 need?

One double click on the wanted point lets the map zoom in. That point is in the middle then. The permanent link has lat and lon. As precise as left and right of a road are distinguishable. Do you really need more?

You can use OpenLayers to show an OSM map with the coordinates. You have to add the control “OpenLayers.Control.MousePosition”.

See this example here:
You can save that page onto your own computer or onto your own webspace if you want. Note it has the start position and zoom coded in it, you can easily change that. Or use the Permalink option and bookmark that.