Coordinates into osm.pbf or xml.

Hello there, i’ll be brief.

I’m pretty new to OSM and programing altogether so make it easy if possible. :smiley:
I have a set of coordinates just x,y and their name in a .txt file nothing fancy, and I’m trying to feed them to either Osm2pgsql or Imposm so I can use Mapnik to create a zoomable map formed of tiles just like OSM.
So the question is, how do I do that, is it even possible with those tools ?

Thanks !

I believe that Mapnik has an import filter for comma separated value files. Sounds like your text file is pretty close to that already. You might be able to skip the Osm2pgsql and/or Imposm steps and just directly use your data in Mapnik.

You can have a closer look at frame works like or … they have example / plugin pages where POIs are displayed according to an extra CSV file with coordinates, I think.
Or maybe uMap has such a feature?

Or tell us the number / amount of data objects you want to display … is each one a single point? or do you have real geometries like buildings or ways in your own data?

Thank you for the answers.

My objects are single points yes, with connections between them, let’s call them ways. For the moment I’m trying with about 200 points each one with 1 to 10 connections with others, but eventually I want to have many more, that’s why the zoomable tile map is important, I want it to be possible to read. But the data itself is not much for the moment

I checked out your links, I will definitely search for the example with CSV file.