Coordinates in israel

Hi everyone
Im using postgis, and I want to get the coordinates of a specific point. so Im using the ST_X(geom), ST_Y(geom) functions, but I get these strange numbers.
For example:

select ST_X(way),ST_Y(way)
from planet_osm_point
where amenity=‘bank’ and name=‘Leumi’

I get:

st_x st_y
3879898.84; 3806706.89
3880388.16; 3806503.92
3883731.15; 3798764.41
3894209.59; 3792237.76
3894816.37; 3869355.04
3898065.86; 3750964.6
3956359.07; 3867227.55
3874551.62; 3786896.97

can someone tell me how to convert these numbers to standard coordinates?

This seems to be a result of the postgis settings. If you query the same info from OSM via overpass turbo, you get WGS84 coordinates.
You can also export the data from overpass in various formats.

If, however, you want to use the data in postgis, I’m afraid I cannot help you much…