Converting OSM Topo map to gmapsupp

Hi there,

I’m trying top convert a OSM Topo map to gmapsupp.img to use in a Garmin Dakota10 but couldn’t find any way to achieve this.

The files from the map I have appear to be all split into the following formats 29710335.DEM 29710335.LBL 29710335.RGN 29710335.TRE

Is there any way to merge these into an img file?

Source of map data:



OSM doesn’t have topographic maps. OSM based topographic maps are created, by third parties, by merging third party topographic data when rending the map.

Those files are sub files of the Garmin img format, and they are contained in a *.gmap folder.
This format is used by Garmin programs MapSource and Basecamp which can create the gmapsupp.img
Other tools are also available, e.g.
Maybe use the contact page if that doesn’t help.