Converting area into node, keeping tags

I have an area that I want to convert into a single node while keeping its tags and history. I manage to turn it into a line in JOSM, but if I merge the the two end nodes of the line, the tags of the line/ former area disappear and are not copied over to the remaining tag.
How do I do this?

Background: I keep coming across areas tagged e. g. “natural = scrub” and “historic = archeological_site” at the same time. I would like to untangle these, ending up with an area “natural = scrub” and a node “historic = archeological_site” while keeping the history.

Thanks for any help!

It’s impossible to convert node into a way or way into a node. Every object on OSM has an id number and type (node, way, relation) which you can’t change. Only tags can be changed.
If you want to keep the history, one thing you can do is to delete the area and add a node with copied tags in one changeset.

I see. Thanks!

I expect you could copy the tags from the line and paste to the last node.
There is a wiki page but does not mention your use case.