convert OpenStreetMap to vector image

Hi all.
I need to convert the map OpenStreet to vector image.
Can you advise me of the program, or give advice?

Can you specify which vector format you need?

If it’s SVG and you have only small areas to convert, you can use the
“export” Tab on the main page.

Select “export map”, format SVG and adjust the area and scale.


I’ve already tried the method described by you.
When I tried to download the SVG image I got the message:

The load average on the server is too high at the moment. Please wait a few minutes before trying again.

Then I tried the program maperitive, but it does not run on my computer.
Maybe there are other ways to solve this problem?

yes, I also had this error. Then I retried and it worked.

Another aproach would be to use maperative which is an offline renderer for OSM data.
Oops, sorry, just read that this don’t works for you.


also have a look at

An alternative could be to use maposmatic :

Mapserver can output SVG and PDF. You can read about that in With very recent GDAL Mapserver can also create georeferenced PDF files. It means that PDF reader can show the coordinates from the PDF map. With TerraGo Toolbar which is a free (in a no-pay meaning) add-on for Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is also possible to plug your GPS unit into the serial port of your computer and Acrobat Reader will show your location on the PDF map. An example of such PDF file is here
That PDF needs TerraGo toolbar for getting the coordinates.

OSM rendering chain is made for Mapnik and using Mapserver instead is not totally simple. If you get really interested I can give more advice.

You can use the Adobe Illustrator software to convert the image into vector graphic format.
check this url . i hope here you can find what you are looking. If you want to check the some examples of vector graphic then you can check from here. pasta vector