Convert 400-coördinates to points on a map

Hi there,

I’ve got a document with 400 places and coördinates which I want to visualize on a worldmap. Which tool/site can help me out? And is there a way to export this points and place it on a custom made map in Adobe Illustrator?

Hoping that somebody can help me.

Have a look to GPSBabel. It depends in which format the coordinates are present. If they are present as *.txt file, may be you must use a txt editor to change the format in the format “Garmin Mapsource txt (tab delimited)” which can be changed with gpsbabel in the gpx format (to be imported in Basecamp) or the Google earth format to be imported into google earth. Which formats can be imported into the adobe illustrator I don’t know, but GPSBabel offers a lot of oiutput formats, so you may find one which fits.

You can use GpsVisualizer for visualising csv files of coordinates. Can’t help with Adobe Illustrator.