Controlling feature visibility at zoom levels

Is there a way at the input level to control the visibility of features of is this a renderer issue? Seems on my garmin that everything always shows up and clogs the display. I like the way mapsource allows you to specify detail levels.

My Garmin GPS unit also lets me control detail levels (in the GPS map setup menu).

The ultimate way to control this is by rolling out your own maps with a customised mkgmap style file.

Using Erex vista HCX. Only found declutter. Is there another setting somewhere? Trying to suppress some of the POIs without losing custom POIs. Not ready to roll my own, still relying on Lambertus’s map processor to prepare IMG files. Does the detail settings on mapsource affect what is exported when I “send to GPS”?

On the eTrex map page, press menu, then select “Setup Map”. On the “Map Setup - General” page it should have the option of setting the detail to most / more / normal / less / least.
No, the Mapsource settings doesn’t affects what’s sent to the GPS.