Contours on OFM

I’ve just started playing with OSM/OFM on my new eTrex 30, and am absolutely loving it so far. I need to start planning some tours with it, which brings me to my question. I’ve downloaded the most recent OFM Europe (N, W, and E then merged), and noticed they only have 25m contours in. In contrast, I understand the DE/Benelux map has 5 or 10m intervals. From my reading around, these come ultimately from the SRTM datasource (perhaps also from I’d like to have the whole of Europe OFM with the 10m contours - can anyone point me in the direction of resources that will help/tell me how to do so?

At the moment, I believe it’s something along the lines of:

  1. Strip contours out of my currently installed OFM
  2. Download contours for my specified area from SRTM/viewerfinderpanorams
  3. Push new contours into stripped OFM files
  4. Reinstall to Basecamp

Am I heading in the right direction?


I’m using the Freizeitkarte set 25_250_500:
You can add additional contours from the 10-100-200 set:
You need to be familiar with creating your own tiles with splitter and mkgmap to convert Hoehendaten_Freizeitkarte_Europa.osm.pbf into Garmin img’s.
Later you can combine both mapsets with Javawa combiner:

Another option is to download the already created img tiles from Thorsten Kukuk:
I think he uses 10 50, 100. Combine them with the OFM with the Javawa combiner tool to create one mapset.