Continue to Weg

I was using OpenStreetMaps on my Garmin Zumo XT yesterday and it displayed:

“Continue to Weg.”

Is that a non-English word for destination? Or, does it have some other meaning?

What’s the name of this road in OSM?


It is an alley.

Weg is Road in German and in Dutch. Can you pinpoint this place for us so that we can investigate what the map database says about this alley?


“Weg” is German for “path”/“way”. There could be an error in the map data, it you tell us the location, we could look.

“Weg” is German for “path”/“way”.

it also means “missing”/“gone” in German, Danish and Estonian

Thank you!

The City of Wyoming Minnesota (USA) may have another name for it, too.

45°20’17.8"N 92°59’56.3"W

45.338271, -92.998979

“Continue to road” sounds like a direction that a Garmin device might give if a road to navigate via had no name. I wonder if somehow a German language map was downloaded?

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Thank you for the reply. To make room on my Garmin, I actually have deleted all of the non-English languages, texts and keyboards. It is a “fun” mystery that “weg” shows up!

YM the cycleway? I can’t find any problem on the OSM map there that would explain this message. It also doesnt connect directly to any alley, AFAICS.

No worries. I think it was referring to the parking lot/trail head/alley. I will keep my eyes open and if I run across it again, I will post something.

Then Garmin must have made the connection, because OSM doesn’t connect the cycleway to this alley.
Maybe an easter egg by there Austria engineers? :slight_smile:

Routers have two options when navigating from “somewhere that you shouldn’t be” to “somewhere that is impossible to get to” - either guess that what infrastructure exists might be navigable and use that or, find the nearest accessible point and say “navigate to get yourself back on the road”

I suspect you’re seeing an example of the latter in German, probably due to the particular map that you downloaded.