Continually Bad Gateway exporting vector data – can anyone help?

Hi there,

we need a pdf/svg file of a map of Europe,

                            51.666 s'Hertogenbosch

2.840 Lille 11.970 München
47.965 München

I tried on several machines (PC & MAC) at several places with different internet speed, but always got Error 504:
Gateway Timeout
The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.
Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

Can somebody help me?

Thank you

Exporting such an svg file for such a huge area puts a heavy load on the servers: such requests never complete. You need to find another way (i.e., not using the OSM API).

I need that svg for a printjob, so API won’t help :frowning:

Thank you…

Asking for an SVG from the OSM website makes an API call (MAP). It is this API call which is expensive. As I said you need to look at an alternative way of getting the data/image, i.e., not via the main OSM website.

Maybe that wiki site helps:

That’s not quite accurate. Rendering does not involve any map API call at all. The whole process is based on the well known Mapnik stack to render images directly on a tile server, which obviously uses an osm2pgsql database underneath. What’s consuming lots of resources here is the the large scale rendering.


You’re right of course this is the render call whereas the MAP API call which is what export does is usually deprecated for similar reasons. I think perhaps long ago these were all available under export (xml, svg & png) rather than via share, but it’s a very long time since I’ve even thought of using them because of the high likelihood of it not working.