Content du test discourse pour la fondation OSM!

Nous avons basculé notre forum phpBB en discourse il y a une bonne année.
Cette bascule s’est faite en reprenant tout le contenu du phpBB, ainsi que les comptes qui y avaient été ouverts.

L’activité s’y est développée naturellement, et discourse est maintenant bien plus actif que la mailing list historique “talk-fr”.

En septembre, seulement 76 messages sur talk-fr (il faut remonter à 2007 pour trouver aussi peu de messages sur un mois)… plus de 400 sur discourse.

Donc très content de voir la fondation tester discourse !

Cela ouvrira la discussion à bien plus de monde grâce à un outil moins technique, plus accessible.


Translation, using

We switched our phpBB forum to discourse a good year ago.
This switchover was done by taking over all the content of phpBB, as well as the accounts that had been opened there.

The activity developed naturally, and discourse is now much more active than the historical mailing list “talk-fr”.

In September, only 76 messages on talk-fr (you have to go back to 2007 to find so few messages in one month)… over 400 on discourse.

So very happy to see the foundation testing discourse!

This will open the discussion to many more people thanks to a less technical, more accessible tool.

You are so correct. Its even a chance to get people to move away from Telegram for example, as a lot or people with RTL-languages were not using the FluxBB forum at all because this was not supported. Discourse is properly mobile-ready and has so many advantages!

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I don’t think Discourse will/can replace chat oriented channels like telegram.

What we have seen in France:

  • Discourse is gradually replacing talk-fr mailing list
  • Matrix (with a telegram bridge) is replacing IRC (with a Matrix bridge used by most past IRC users)

Language will be an issue… how to deal with english/non-english ?
This very first topic is a good example :wink:


Oh, i don’t think it will replace telegram completely. But i know from some that they use Telegram because they don’t like FluxBB. So there is a chance some people will use the Forum more and stick to telegram for chat-stuff.

I created the austrian matrix room as well, just connected to IRC right now. Might look if there is an telegram-channel as well (i hope not :p)

And the language-thing - well, there are subforums that are for all, english there and the country-specific, well, the local language :slight_smile: I don’t see an issue with that, personally.

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By “language issue”, I mean a few rules to organize subforums.

For example, in a category named “Users France”, should we set some rule that says that we post in french there… you can deepl on your side :wink:

Another way to deal with languages is to have some deepl integration at Discourse level (a button to get a translation in your prefered language, another before posting to translate to the subforum language).

Such a Discourse plugin could have a lot of success outside the OSM community too !

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Maybe have a look at where they manage multiple languages. There is a key on messages that shows language(s) for each post. Some users post in their own local language and also in English (no DeepL integration yet), and flags are used in the body :de: :fr: :us: .


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I am delighted to see this test of the foundation.
I hope it will replace the obsolete and geeky mailing lists