Consumer grade (and price!) GPS+GLONASS receivers?

I am vacationing in the Alps, and trying to add hiking trails to the OSM database. In deep alpine valleys (definitely not canyons) I often lose the satellite signal, and looking at the satellite display see that most are low on the horizon, blocked by the walls of the valley. If there were twice as many satellites available there would be no problem!

A Google search produced, amongst many other links, this: How will GPS/GLONASS Chipset Integration Help the Consumer?. Their conclusion:

There seem to already be high end products that use both GPS and GLONASS satellites; does anyone have any information as to how soon we may expect consumer versions?

I should have done more surfing before posting!!

eTrex® 30:

Cool, let us know your experience with that device (if your buying it).

It appears that GPS + GLONASS is going mainstream faster than I had anticipated … GLONASS gets Nokia backing, aims to rival COMPASS:

With both Garmin and Nokia supporting the new chips I would guess that their usage will spread fast.