construction:program on footways in Moscow

While fixing (minor) damage caused by bug in StreetComplete I spotted with construction:program=mystreet2016

Are footways somehow marked with this info? Is it at all verifiable by survey?

construction:program seems to be carrying unverifiable historic data that should be not added into OSM

I propose to remove this tag from sidewalks in Moscow

(sorry for English, sadly I do not speak Russian)

BTW, if you see problems caused by StreetComplete (and not caused by someone deliberately adding false data, no editor can prevent this) - please report it at - if for some reason you are unwilling or unable to use GitHub you can also post here, I will look at this thread in some time

These tags were used by russian company Urbica for their own purposes. They didn’t describe these tags in wiki (despite requests).

Now Urbica, as I know, does not exist. I support the deleting of these tags - we should not save historical data in OSM.


Еще там осталось проставлено

fixed it