Consistency of osmarender tiles at different zoom levels

I’m confused … I had a feeling that I’d read something which suggested that osmarender tiles at zoom levels 12 to 17 are rendered as a set, so that all the level 13, level 14, …, level 17 tiles in the area covered by a single level 12 tile are all rendered at the same time as the level 12 tile.

However, I now think I’ve seen a number of occasions when there are inconsistencies between the tiles at different zoom levels - I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a case where I’ve moved a railway line that someone else had traced from the NPE maps or landsat images (to get it to line up properly with GPS-located level crossings and bridges) and have then seen tiles at different zoom levels (in the 12 to 17 range) where some have shown it in the new position and some have shown it still in the old position.

What am I misunderstanding? or is this just the effects of caching somewhere?

I’m pretty sure this is just the effect of caching or somesuch. :slight_smile: