Connecting the edges of objects belonging to different groups.

I noticed that many buildings have joint edges with roads and other landuses.
Likewise lines showing rivers/streams/ditches and roads with landuses.

It is much more logical to me that roads and building areas are separate, since they are not really overlapping in reality, just next to each other. They belong to different groups … Much easier to edit, easier to visualize, easier to handle.

Therefore, you should avoid such connections, and those that are have joint edges, disconnect as far as possible.
In JOSM “G” (Unglue edges).
Also use “Q” (Orthogonize shape) to make all angles 90 degreese for buildings.

+1 yes, otherwise it is really annoying →

Also, slow down or block (too much work to change) future improvement. :frowning:

These are the effects of careless mapping.

It will probably take a lot of time to get rid of these errors (only geometry).

0/9/17 Geometry done.
Now you can switch View to “Area”.

Very common error (duplicate road):

I fixed this error.

A very good tool for debugging is OSMOSE.
The imperative of each editor should be, after editing, check the area using OSMOSE.
The link to OSMOSE is in a template for each region in Nepal.
For example:

Click on “josm-zone”.

Set, at the left top, “Severity” to “all severity”.

Fix the error.
Back to OSMOSE and click on “corrected” or “positive”