Connecting Road to river Josm

I’m mapping a task of unconnected roads and I came across an area where the only access route is through the river, how can I connect the roads within that region.

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If the way is going through the river and there’s nothing ‘over’ then the connecting/crossing point would be a ford=yes tag, maybe ford=stepping_stones

The wiki: Key:ford - OpenStreetMap Wiki

In this case, the road ends at the river bank

Then ground truth is that the roads are not connected. Why do you want to connect them?


Maybe one more “almost junction” alert by a QA prog. (something like within 15 meters, no matter river, gorge, chinese wall in between, driveways ending both sides of a house ). Then you could get into noexit=yes on the end tags, just to satisfy QA.


Is it common that people use these roads to drive through the river? If so, connect them and add a ford as suggested by @SekeRob.
If it is not possible to drive through the river or if people don’t usually do that then leave them unconnected.


I think it’ll be best if I leave them unconnected and add a noexit=yes.
Thank for all the suggestions.