confusion about gosmore output and how to get node IDs

I’m a little confused with the results gosmore generates.

In my understanding, the first node gosmore gives should be the closest node to (flat,flon) in the input query and the last node should be the closest node to (tlat,tlon).
But it seems not the case. Actually even if I use the (lat lon) value exactly from a node as the start point, gosmore may not use that point as a start point in the path it generates. For the last node, it always gives a node which has an “unknown-style” and it sometimes does not belong to any node in the osm file. This really confuses me and I think maybe there’s something I missed.

I know gosmore stores the map data in the .pak file so the original node ID might not be kept. But I still wanna know if there is any chance to get the node IDs along with the output sequence, thus the problem above will be clear.


I don’t have an answer to your observation because, from memory, my Gosmore results always used the closest node to the start/stop coordinates.

Retrieving de OSM node ID’s from the pak file will be difficult because they’re not included as you know. Perhaps there is a rounding difference in the coordinates so maybe they do match if you ignore the last digits?