Confusing interface, or bug

Something really confusing, or a bug about this forum.
I go the main page, and see this recent topic: “Many rock features drawn as natural=cliff but not correctly”, It’s shown in the General Talk category.
If I mouse click ‘General Talk’ from the main page it takes me here: General Talk Category, and that thread/topic, as well as at least one other, does not show up??
If I use the dropdown menu (upper left), and select ‘General talk’, it takes me here:
General talk - OpenStreetMap Community , and the missing threads do show up.

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The main page shows recent topics in the categories AND subcategories. In this case in #general and #general:tagging

That’s why you see topics from the subcategory too.

I see now, when I go to a Category page, by default it does not show the subcategories. The default should show all. Also the subcategories are not obvious unless one selects a menu box. This forum is very different than other forums, and the logic is not always clear.

@nukeador would it be possible to configure Discourse to also show posts from subcategories in the parent category pages?

Yes, that’s the default, but it was changed on #help-and-support and #general to avoid the noise of all tagging topics, which was the main reason for creating tagging-specific spaces.


So there is a general principle, and some exceptions, where people clearly and reproducably described how it is confusing.

Please state the exceptions where they are made. A hint somewhere at the top when #general or #help-and-support are shown explaining the deviating behaviour would solve this issue.

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