Confused about display of street name

I have just done my first edit of a missing local street name. But when I view the map the name only shows up zoomed right in to the closest zoom setting. However all the rest of the existing nearby street names stay in view as I reduce the zoom a step, the one I added disappears. Some of the others disappear as I reduce zoom further. How is this controlled. Have I made an error with my entry?

Firstly, the standard map on usually updates pretty quickly, but sometimes takes a while to update. And different zoom levels may not all be updated at the same time.
Its also possible that you are looking at a cached copy, Shift+Refresh in your browser might help. Or just wait a while.

Also, at the smaller scales, sometimes its not possible to fit all of the names on the map. So the map rendering software will decide which street names to miss out if there isn’t space. So shorter streets may not be named unless you zoom in.

It might help if you gave a link to map - click the “Permalink” button, then copy the URL.

This is one of the most appearing FAQ to Openstreetmap:

Also try to switch to the … there you can see if your edits are already in the database, but not rendered yet.

Thanks both. I did check using another computer to ensure there wasn’t any caching issues. Before asking I had watched a tutorial video which said to expect the changes immediately, but didn’t mention that other zoom levels can take a while longer. I have looked in the data layer Stephan and the road is listed there so the edit must be correct. I think initially I thought there may be a value I had overlooked that set the zoom level.

For the record Vclaw this is the link the road concerned is Boarbank Road

It looks like there’s nothing wrong with your edits.

Its just that Boarbank Road is a short street, with a quite long name. So there’s not enough space on the street for the name, which means the map rendering software automatically misses it out.
Note that other OpenStreetMap based maps may use different style rules, so might show street names etc at different zoom levels.

I hadn’t thought of name length. Makes sense. Thank’s.

It may also take longer if the server load is high or when having technical issues (check the Platform Status), so always expecting changes to appear immediately is wrong.