Conflict resolution

I have a small problem. if way xxx is still referred to by another way xxx how can I download the missing way. cant understand the procedure in conflict resolution.

You’ve got something wrong there, ways cannot refer to other ways. They can have common nodes with other ways, and yes that can cause editing conflicts.

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so how do I get to download the area with a common node?

Since we can’t see your screen, can you describe what it is you have done and want to do, in which editor? Maybe a screen shot of the error?


You read the API documentation API v0.6 - OpenStreetMap Wiki to find out or use an editor app that does it correctly. Tongue in cheek answers aside, as @Peter_Elderson says there is no way we can know how you arrived in your particular predicament without you supplying a reasonable amount of information.

Screenshot from 2023-07-27 21-45-47

after this it brings more conflicts…

Looks like you do so-called sparse editing. Didn’t you get a warning before? The easiest perhaps un-sparse your data: select the way you want to delete - as long as it is still there, then menu “File->Download along” (Alt-Shift-D) with some small distance – look at what is there now – and only then delete the way, if still comfortable.

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I do also have such edit conflicts sometime when I load partial data in the area using an Overpass query. A good practice at this point is to select the data and select the menu item File / Dowload parent Relations - Ways.

When JOSM reports such and edit conflict, you have to indicate that you accept that the system keeps the node 7569454937. Normally, you simply click on the button Prepare conflict resolution. At this point, JOSM should load the node and add a link in the window « Conflict Resolution » on the right side pannel. You simply click on the link with the right mouse button and indicate that the server version is the exact one. If JOSM was not able to load info about the node, you load data around or you try to load only the way 1133160222 (File / Object download) tjat contains the node. At this point, to resolve the conflict, you can simply click to send againt the data to the server. The « Prepare conflict resolution » should appear again, and if you click on the button, this time it should add the link to the Conflict resolution window to resolve the conflict.