Concessions in larger stores (i.e. chemist/shoe shop in a supermarket)

An increasing number of shops (particularly supermarkets) are sub-letting out space to other retailers. For example a supermarket near me has a homewear shop, shoe shop, post office, travel shop, cafe and two clothes shops in the store - but each separated off with its own till. What’s the best way to show this in OSM data?

So far I’ve tagged the primary occupant (e.g. supermarket) as the building with each of the concessions as points roughly relating to their position in the building. Tagging each as an area would suggest it wasn’t all one shop with one door.

Any thoughts?

I have tagged them exactly as you describe: The primary occupant on the building and then points inside with the concessions (StarBucks, various bank mini-branches, etc.). I think that is the best you can do with the current tagging scheme.

That is best you can do currently. Although brand cover a lot of things but it give more edge to store like shoes fashion products.