Concerns about junction numbers on Amvrakia Odos

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Does anyone know where is the source for the Amvrakia Odos junction numbers?

I do not mean Wikipedia, because anyone can add anything and claim it as true, and Greek motorway articles do not get as much monitoring against misinformation as those relating to things like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

I say this because Mapillary seems to suggest something different. That sign is for a junction that someone, perhaps on Wikipedia, claimed to be Junction 12-Ζ, without giving a source.

I see from a previous version of that wiki article that initially only the first exit was numbered, and that is the junction of Amvrakia Odos with Ionia Odos, which there had the number 10. So, my guess is that someone updated the article with numbering the exits based on that “10”, assuming wrongly the other exits fo Amvrakia Odos followed that order aswell. In other words, the exit numbers on that article are wrong either way. I posted a comment in the article’s talk page.

Hello, I think the numbering system for the A52 may be stand-alone, counting from Preveza, but it is patchy because the western segment have no junction numbers.

Until the construction is fully completed we can’t know for sure, especially since no official announcement or documentation about the junctions exist, apparently. Except if it’s just difficult to find :stuck_out_tongue: