Concerns about edits by TIPD


I have to inform the community that a user by the name of TIPD is making a series of edits to the road network, which I have good reason to believe contradicts either the road classification law or reality. For example:

  1. In, TIPD changed the A24 south of Papageorgiou to a motorway, despite me having evidence that the A24 south of Papageorgiou is currently an expressway (see also:

  2. In and, TIPD changed the EO6 into the non-existent A4 motorway.

  3. The user makes large-scale reclassification that contradicts Example changesets doing this include and

Finally, this user does not leave good changeset comments (instead just leaving a couple of random letters). Without a good changeset comment we cannot determine the context of the changes. The DWG has been informed of the situation (mainly because I am confident of the A4 motorway not being real), and has instructed the user to explain their changes.

– ika-chan!

Report him at DWG in the name of the Greek Community.

Με την ευκαιρία αναφοράς του αυτικινητοδρόμου Α4, έχει προγραμματιστεί να γίνει ποτέ;

The current motorway proposals (ΦΕΚ 253/ΑΑΠ/21.12.2015) does not mention the A4. Therefore, the A4 is not planned.

Mapillary imagery also does not show the Larissa-Trikala road as a motorway. This is why I have good reason to believe that a number of edits by TIPD are fictitious.

The questionable changesets have been undone because they were having a serious knock-on effect on the map. In, I told TIPD where to ask if the user wanted to propose such large-scale changes.

Unfortunately, TIPD continues to make changes against general consensus (, such as:

I cannot waste time to negotiate with the user: my health is already in the critically bad state. Can some one else please help for me?

Yeah, i saw his edits.
I reverted his last changesets.
Some changesets have been reverted by ika-chan! (good job)!!!
From now on, all his edits will be reverted automatically, until DWG intervenes. (or he contacts Greek community).


Next time, we should do this (based on an idea that the DWG put forward to me via OTRS):

  1. One of us report any questionable changesets here on this forum. One thread per editor in question is advised.

  2. I or any of the Greek mappers verify if the edits have basis in convention or reality, and confirm here.

  3. After confirming the changesets to be against convention or reality, email DWG via

  4. The DWG takes care of the rest.

Basically, they say if we raise questionable changesets on the forum, and then everyone goes “yeah, that’s wrong”, then they have a better basis to work with. It also makes edit patrol task distribution easier.

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 have already been done by you. But number 4 …hmmm, i think it will take for ever!!! (according to my experience).
…and the vandal will keep vandalizing the map all that time.
That was one of the reasons that made me leave OSM.
Anyway, i cant let this idiot that is not even responding to messages to keep destroying all the good work of this community.

I understand the DWG can be busy, but if you remain calm and explain to them clearly what is the problem with the edits, and point to the relevant changesets, I am confident that they will be able to respond to the problem appropriately.