Complicated border between Oman and United Arab Emirates

Could someone have a look at this border between the two countries: ?

I tried to fix it up before, but nearly broke my brains in trying to understand and map the situation. Exclaves within enclaves, that kind of thing. And different sources for the regions of UAE and Oman…

hi joost,

what is the problem? i can’s see any:

nothing damaged, nothing missing, nothing wrong - i hope


Administrative subunits of the U.A.E. are overlapping with Oman.

Edit: I’ve tried to fix it. It would be good to have accurate sources. I’ve compared our boundary with Natural Earth Data and GADM and the sources differ up to 2 kilometres.

Yeah, a deeper look and i can see the problem.


I could not find Oman official open data.


it’s better now but still one missmatch:

The dark part in the middle is an overlap und the light one in the south belongs to none of them.


btw: shows both countries with their AL2 & AL4.


I’ve found a map which tells that the area in the south belongs to Fujairah. According the German Wikipedia [1] and the map shown below the overlapping area is administered by both divisions.

Thank you guys for clearing this up. Why can’t reality just conform to a more simple set of rules. Then again, I’m from Belgium, I shouldn’t complain or someone is bound to mention Baarle Hertog (