complete newbie needing help

Hi, I have just found OSM and have some tracks on my GPS which I have uploaded without sharing, Some of the data is useless i.e. the gps was in a bag and when taken out again put a straight line between 2 points so I only want to use some of the data. if I edit over the top of my GPS traces does that mean that my edits will be seen by everyone but the GPS data only gets seen by me?

Afaik traces that aren’t public won’t be seen by other mappers, only you. Personally, I clean up the traces before uploading publicly.

I think private means that those traces will be returned when you download GPS points, but the track will not be shown in the GPS traces list.

Now I don’t know if this is correct, but this is what I always thought was true. You will probably have to look in the source code to prove me wrong.