complete highway/road layer removal

Am wanting as a test to take an OSM map, and delete all roads/streets/driveways/etc therein to test replacing an area fragment with another set of road details.

I see no way via the existing offline tools to select and delete all highways / etc … am I missing something?

Well… There is always the Gimp… But seriously it all depends on what tools you use, this is should be very trivial to do with JOSM just search for all highways which will select them, then press delete and you are done. (I think)

I managed last night going the opposite approach (as it ended up being much smaller) … search/select buildings and copy/paste, search/select waterways and copy/paste, etc etc

Ah. As I remember copy and paste never was a strong side of JOSM though… Did it work without flaws?

I used Merkaartor actually …

might explain it… :wink: