Compiling the planet.osm into an .img file?

I tried to use mkgmap-r145-155/mkgmap.jar with the latest planet.osm file planet-070509.osm.
I gave the java process almost 1.2GB of memory, but after a few minutes of working mkgmap.jar says:
Bad input file format

and ends. No other message given.

Does anyone know what happened?
Is there a debug mode?
Is the osm file too large?

Is there some other allpication that is capable of compiling the data from a very large file?


So you try to make a Garmin map from the entire planet file? That won’t work afaik. The amount of data is just too huge. Better use a tool to extract a portion of the planet file and work with that.

Some tools to create maps are in the outputs category in the wiki.

Another option is to load the planet.osm file into a local database…

Indeed i was trying to make a img file from the planet file.
It would be very helpful if mkgmap.jar was capable of splitting into smaller areas internally, and then making one output file.

I could well take portions of the planet file and create many img files. After that, how can i combine all img files into one gmapsupp.img that i load onto the unit?

A second question, if i take portions out of planet.osm and create img files, does it matter if the areas overlap somewhat if i create one big img file to load onto the GPS unit?
If it does matter, what is the best way to have the extracted areas not to leave any spece inbetween the areas, but at the same time, not overlap?

Ok, however I don’t have any experience with this:

Afaik, you can stitch multiple maps together using PatchIMG. Best practice seems to not make the maps too large, otherwise they will be very loaded very slowly it seems.

Lots of info on map making is here: in fhe forums and wiki.

The problem of working with the planet.osm files is that most (if not all) XML parsers want to load the entire file into memory (which will seldom be possible). So most ‘parsers’ are just simple string search cut and past type of applications. These have the tendency to be difficult to function properly. I think this is the reason that there is no proper support for planet.osm files in most OSM utilities unfortunately.

According to the perl-script i need: Geo::OSM::Planet; (line 23)
Where can i find it?
I did search cpan, but with no luck.


Have you tried Googling on ‘Geo::OSM::Planet’? :wink: