Compensation, full time?

Hey there,
I’m living in Canada, and I just recently started editing and contributing to OSM, and I have an opportunity to be doing it full time, pretty much. I’m wondering if there is a possibility to get a small compensation if I indeed was to contribute every day to OSM. Has this been done?

No. Contributing to OpenStreetMap is not remunerated. It is done on a voluntary basis as are most “open” projects. There is no revenue stream to pay anyone. Donations received, like in the recent fundraising campaig, are used to offset costs of running the servers and other equipment that host the site.

Possible, but you need to have other skills to get a job where you are payed for mapping in OSM among other tasks.

Some ideas. Send your CV to

The dutch firm behind the mobile mapping application OsmAnd shares their revenue from subscribtions to their OSM Live option. You will earn bitcoins for your OSM edits.

Here is a link to register for their revenue share program

Interesting how much one earns for mapping in OSM full time.