Compass Navigator 3D v1.0

Hi there,

I have made a free compass app with navigation support for OSM Point-of-Interests and OSM addresses. Current features include:

  • OpenStreetMap point of interests
  • OpenStreetMap address search
  • GPS addresses (suitable e.g. for geocaching, etc.)
  • Compass directions (north, south, etc.)
  • Bookmarking function for storing targets

I’d really like to hear opinions about this app, so please try it out and don’t hestitate to give feedback!

The app is available through Google Play on


And you also created a page aboutr it in the OSM wiki:

Nice! … but have not tried your app yet.

i have checked your app, it’s really great but needs some more enhancements.

i will test your app. This is Free or paid app?