Comparing OSM data with goverment data

Hello all!

We’ve developed some ideas to try and monitor and compare OSM-data with a number of different official goverment data sources here in Finland and the Helsinki region.

Any examples out there (national or local) where these kind of comparisons are REGULARLY made by eg. scheduled scripts? Any experiences on how they work and serve the local OSM-communities?

We do understand that goverment data shouldn’t always be taken as the final truth as OSM may often be more up to date. But we think (at least at the moment) that making these kind of data comparisons and speading the results could help us keep OSM-data better up to date in areas where there’s not so much OSM-activity going on.

Any comments? Do’s and don’ts on this subject would also be greatly appreciated.

Greetings Markku Huotari, Helsinki Region Transport

So far the only one I’ve bumped into is this DIDOK Stops compared to OSM stops in Switzerland…

Any others?

ITO maps used to have a large number of comparison maps, but seems to have stopped running this service.

If you count Ordnance Survey, as government, there is musical chairs:

There is a tool for cross checking information from the UK Food Hygiene Rating System:

There is one for tracking down missing UK post offices:

The Belgian community has a tool (currently beta for select audience) for a building import in Flanders.
There is already a tool for address import (without buildings).

Both databases are updated regularly and tools shows the differences between OSM data and government data.