Community Map-Rendering (3D)

I think we could nave a community “rendering” or “map rendering”.
About bitmap and vector at the moment.
And about 3D rendering in my case.

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There used to be a Tiles@home project or something like that, wasn’t it?
Or you aren’t talking about the map? :stuck_out_tongue:

OSM-Map-rendering I meant, of course :slight_smile:
All kind of OSM rendering, I am talking about.
Tiles@home? Link? Sounds like de-central rendering, 2D I assume?

It’s in the OSM wiki - see It was an early attempt at OSM rendering (2d, of course) that had the significant advantage of being updated in near real time at a time when the main OSM rendering changed only weekly.

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The way that these things tend to work is that one person or a group of people set it up and then other people join in. There are various discussions going on around this in various OSM communication changgels - for example I know that in one of the Discord channels someone’s trying get a “collaborative map design effort” going, and I’m sure that there are others.

Maybe start by writing an OSM diary entry or similar explaining in more detail what you’d like to see happen, and say what work you’re proposing to do yourself and what work you’d need technical help with?

Edit: I should also have mentioned here; I forgot about it because it is a very successful ongoing project rather than something that someone is trying to get off the ground!

My actual attempt would be to have an fast refreshed OSM vector tile server and client side rendering. Some OSM apps do that already, but not the, yet.
I am not American, but to have map styles as maps are used to be for each country would be possible with a client side renderer.

But that was not my request here. Shall this forum replace others and also Discord? So the rendering topic should have its place here.

Shall this forum replace others and also Discord? So the rendering topic should have its place here.

People are encouraged to talk about OSM anywhere they like, and this forum isn’t designed for real-time chat so it isn’t going to replace Discord for those people who use it any time soon (nor Slack or Telegram, both of which have an OSM presence on their services).

There are two forums that OSMF runs that are based on software that is no longer maintained - and It is designed to replace those (see lots of discussions elsewhere about migrating forum data).

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Now that we have a #general category, it’s recommended to tag topics, in this case maybe with “maprendering” or similar.

People will be able to subscribe just to that tag and if there are high a volume of topics you can always request a separate category later on from #site-feedback:new-category-requests and existing topics can be moved there.


I think #rendering and then something more specific like #vector #raster #mod_tile #mapnik etc. Also, these tags and topics are also dicussed in stackoverflow,I think.

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There is the forum at OpenStreetMap 3D / OpenStreetMap Forum which serves this purpose. I’m not sure how it’s going to be migrated here though…

This has not been explicitly discussed, but I expect it will be modeled as a tag (#3d) within “general talk”. Of course, all the old discussions will be migrated.