Commercial Use? Print on Demand

Good morning all,
I’m interested in creating a webshop featuring maps. The user can select by postcode the map they want and then we produce to order any number of products featuring the selected map. From mugs, prints, t-shirts, magnets, you name it.

We already do this for a raft of other brands and as a model works very well online - and I’d like to add this feature to our location-based website w

So my question is that we are very used to paying royalties on all items sold and although OpenStreetMap appears royalty-free, surely not for commercial use? I notice it’s already being used on this website for art prints. Who can I ask for permissions? Who can I discuss royalty deals with and how can we move this forward?

Any help anyone can provide would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


The intellectual property in the data is royalty free, provided that, for your sort of use, you include an acknowledgement of the source.

The servers are not free for general commercial use, so you should take a copy of the raw data (or the subset covering your area of interest) and then apply updates to it, and use your own machines to render the printable images. I don’t believe it is possible to buy time on OSM’s servers. I think you have to run your own, or buy time on third party servers.

This is not an official statement.

You should probably read our legal FAQ for more details:

but in a nutshell:

  1. There are really no fees for using our data. Of course you might donate if you want to help us, but that is not required.
  2. We care only for proper attribution on the resulting maps (see the FAQ where should it be placed and what text is needed).

If you want to use tiles (not raw data, but actual map images), you should read this:

Thanks Kocio and hadw, I’ll grab my reading glasses and start reading this now.

All the best