Commercial use of some data and texture


I have a few questions.

I am writing a book, the book will be sold in many countries in many different languages, and I need to make 3D terrain of part of Jerusalem, and if I want to do this terrain I will need data for height points for this area of Jerusalem and I also need terrain texture. And my question is: Can I use data from openstreetmap, and can I use texture of that area also from openstreetmap (print screen method). I am also interested if you can tell me how I can turn off street names and some icons from the map so that when I will press print screen those names will not be on the picture (I want texture without names - I only need roads, hills, but not names etc.) Can you help me, please.

Have a look at


You can also export small areas from the main OSM site as PDF or SVG and delete unused details via inkscape or Adobe Illustrator