commercial use of a modified image


is it possible to modify a OSM image (writing the name of a city and putting some straight lines to connect to cities, all made by hand through a visual editor) and to put in a video on youtube for commercial use?

Hi, I just noticed that you haven’t gotten an answer to your question yet. In case this is still relevant to you, here’s my take on this:

OpenStreetMap’s license does not make a difference between commercial and non-commercial use at all, so you’re welcome to use our data commercially. Modifying OSM map images is likewise explicitly allowed.

What we do ask for is that you give attribution to OSM and our license. See for some details and suggested phrasing.

There’s a second requirement of our license besides attribution, which comes in play when you mix your own data with OSM data. But I gather from your post that you’re only drawing some lines and labels by hand, so I believe that’s not really relevant to your use case. So just remember to name the source + license and you should be fine. :slight_smile: