Commercial Openstreetmap services

I have checked the Legal FAQ, but have not found a specific answer to this question:

Is it allowed to officer commercial services to customers to help them contribute to public domain Openstreetmap database,
i.e. I would help them post the information they want made available to the Openstreetmap community.
I do not retain the data, I just charge for the work performed.

I am not a lawyer, but it would seem to be OK - for a more definitive answer, please post the question to the legal email list .

Where would the information come from - would you collect the data to be contributed, or would it be to convert existing data for import? If your labor consists of conversion and import, keep in mind that OSM imports must be of a quality level to pass review as though they had been manually created: a square building should never be constructed from triangles unless that matches the rooftop profile. Also addresses should not overwrite or duplicate any existing addresses, and handle unusual cases such as multiple addresses at the same coordinates. For the import requirements, please refer to .

Firstly, a minor correction. OpenStreetMap is open data but it is not public domain.

The Legal FAQ is aimed at users of OSM data, not questions like yours.

The only legal issue is making sure that you have the permissions to contribute any data they provide under the OSM license (ODbL or another free and open license if changed in accordance with the CTs). This is the same as they’d be providing if they contributed directly.

I can see two possible scenarios:

  1. You’re editing to add in a local shop, mapping around the shop, making sure it can be routed to, etc.

You’d want to make sure your clients are aware that because OSM is a croudsourced database you can’t guarantee particular results and anyone can edit it. We don’t have anything that prohibits editing for money.

  1. You’re wanting to import data, presumably to improve OSM in some area of interest to the client.

If you’re want to do this you’ll need to follow the import guidelines and should mention that you’re being paid when consulting with the imports@ mailing list and local community as required by the guidelines.

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