Comment on changesets not OK (JOSM)


Since a couple of days I actively used OpenStreetMaps editing and use JOSM.

Today the Comment on uploading / comitting dont work out. It uses my comment of yesterday.

Is there a way to change them? I find comments very important, they should be correct. :slight_smile: (Programmer) | Should be “Walked through the whole village, noted all Housenumbers, Change the streetname to the real street name (First named “Old” → “New”). Added all housenumbers, zipcodes and street names to buildings. Fixed some positions of buildings.” | Should be “Fixed landuse positions, added missing cycleway.” | Should be “Added some buildings, fixing some positions”

Thanks in advance!


Comments on closed changesets cannot be changed.

I suggest to doublecheck the comments in JOSMs upload dialog, before clicking upload.

Aww. There should be something like a Operator or other user which has the rights to change it?

Maybe JOSM picks the previous comment when pressing ENTER and when you’re still in the Comment field. At least that is my experience. It was not 1 time, but 3 times.

And I could recover the right comments just by looking back in JOSMs Commit screen, so the comment were changed and saved on disk?

Next changes I will look if the comment is really there when pressing Uploading…

That’s one of the commonest mistakes I make – forgetting to change the comment when jumping to a new unrelated project. Unfortunately, you cannot change the coment after committing. :frowning: If you look at my edit history, you’ll find a lot of comments that describe the previous day’s (or week’s) work.

Sometimes I try to fight this mistake proactively by starting a project this way: edit only one object (for example, move a point slightly) and save it immediately, updating the comment at the same time. Describe what you are going to do in today’s session.

Maybe JOSM picks the previous comment when pressing ENTER

Sorry, I forgot to start with the basics. Yes, that is exactly what JOSM does! It tries to make commenting easy by remembering your previous comment. Before committing the change set, you may edit that comment, or you may pick another comment from your recent history and optionally edit that as well. This is a great shortcut and it works well in many cases. But sometimes you are so excited about completing a big update that you forget to update the comment.

As long as your changeset is open, you can change the comment. Upload one more edit after the big upload, with the new comment.