Command Line map uploader other than Sendmap?


I’m trying to automate the map creation/uploading process using a batch file.

I tried using SendMap but it throws up multiple errors when it searches through all the different drives on my PC & finds one without anything in it (such as a card reader).

The developer is aware of this but doesn’t appear to have the time to fix it.

MapUpload is GUI only.

Are there any others or do you know of a fix for SendMap?

Dave F.

Not sure what you are trying to do, but Triggerfish has a handy mkgmap compiler batch file at the bottom of this thread but you’d have to keep all your source in a single directory. If you did that, using Sendmap to create a gmapsupp.IMG should be fairly simple:

What sort of Garmin do you want to send the maps to? USB or serial, and does it have memory card?
If it has a memory card, you can put it in USB mass storage mode, then you just need to copy the IMG file across (which is easily done from a command line).