combining maps

I have files for maps of Austria and Spain. But because they have the same filename loading one into MapSource deletes the other. So how do I store both maps ready for use? Or can I combien them into one file?

What format do the maps have? and on what device do you use the maps??

As you mention MapSource I assume that you have a Garmin device …

If so, and no good answer here, try in the Garmin subforum here …

Yes, Garmin - GPSmap 60Cx
I have both osm_generic_windows.exe and gmapsupp.img files. My understanding was that the latter could be put straight on to a card for the GPS, while the former were for loading into MapSource for editing and viewing tracks on my PC.
Incidentally, I thought this was the Garmin sub-forum, but I’m entirely new to the openstreetmap forum and finding it a bit difficult to navigate round.

I assume you are using the maps from this website:
If so, see the link for the FAQ:

As it says:
The maps from use a single product ID so installing a second map overwrites the first map. Solution: download the application JaVaWa GMTK and use that to change the product ID of the first map before installing the second map.

Thanks - that looks like the solution. It mentions ‘newer generation Garmin GPS receivers’. Does that include the GPSmap 60Cx, which isn’t very new by Garmin standards.

No, the 60Cx is not ‘newer generation’. The newer generation is things like the GPSMAP 62, or GPSMAP 78 or Etrex 20/30, or Dakota, or Oregon etc.

So the 60Cx can only use a single gmapsupp.img file. But you can combine multiple maps into a single file.
If you have several maps installed in MapSource, you can use that. Just use the map tool to select all of the tiles from one map, then switch to the other map, and select all of the tiles from that. Then send it to the GPS, which will create a gmapsupp.img file with all of the maps you selected.

Many thanks for all this help. Thanks to the javawa application I now have both Spanish and Austrian maps in MapSource. As to my ‘old generation’ GPS, I have adopted the system of keeping each of several proprietary and OSM 'country maps on separate cards and putting the appropriate card in the GPS. So there is no need at the moment to combine maps in the instrument.